How to Write an English Essay

English essays are some of the most complicated type of essays mainly drawn from the main branches of English such as literature, literary reviews and poems. The first step of writing an impressive English essay is first understanding the specific journal that your essay is. This way, you are able to choose a topic that is related to your particular course and not just picking an ambiguous topic. Take for example when told to write a book review, it is of importance to select a book that is related to your area of study. A literature student is better placed when writing a book about William Shakespeare as opposed to writing about a book on business or technology. English essays often require a lot of analysis since being a board course, the various journals of English may present a challenge for most students.

The challenging thing about English essays is that they are a little bit more specific than normal essays hence the need for thorough referencing. If an English student is writing about ‘Hamlet’ by William Shakespeare, they would need to reference and even quote from the book indicating the specific page where a text was extracted from. By indicating the page number leads to a stronger argument backed by tangible literary evidence from the book in review. Critical and rational thinking is essential when writing an English essay. When relating to a certain poem, book or movie, the writer should relay the author’s message and illustrate the same in the essay. For example, you can be told to evaluate a theme in a novel. You can also be asked to analyze a certain character and why the author portrayed the character in a certain way from the novel.

Typically, English essays use certain referencing styles such as APA formatting, MLA referencing and Harvard style of writing. A student must therefore ensure that he/she is conversant with the various writing styles as provided for in the instructions. Keep in mind that most tutors often deduct points due to wrong formatting and referencing. The best way of developing a strong and a precise English essay is by allowing a free transition of ideas. Most often, students have the challenge of transiting from one idea to another without breaking the sequence of ideas. After writing the first paragraph which is the introduction, come up with a clear and precise thesis statement. This is followed by a few paragraphs that are the body of your essay and ultimately the conclusion summarizing your ideas and argument.

When writing English essays, avoid retelling the story over and over again. The use of online resources as well as books as sources of references is very essential. In most cases, you will be given the exact number of references to use for the paper. However on rare cases, an instructor may opt to allow the student choose the number of references to use. In such a case, use as many sources as possible but avoid over-referencing. There are various ways of accessing references sources. The manual methods include reading a specific book as a reference for a paper. However, there are online platforms such as Ebsco, Questia and Google Scholar where you can subscribe and be able to access thousands of scholarly journals and reference materials.